16 Weeks Stats

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That’s right! We’re pregnant. Josh and I are thrilled and grateful to God for blessing us with a new little human to love. We told Josh’s parents by me wearing a shirt that said Lucky #7 (they already have 6 grand kids). So the baby has earned the nickname Lucky. I can’t think of a better name to call the little one.

How far along? 16 Weeks

Baby size and other details: Get ready for a growth spurt. In the next few weeks, your baby will double his weight and add inches to his length. Right now, he’s about the size of an avocado: 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces. His legs are much more developed, his head is more erect than it has been, and his eyes have moved closer to the front of his head. His ears are close to their final position, too. The patterning of his scalp has begun, though his locks aren’t recognizable yet. He’s even started growing toenails. And there’s a lot happening inside as well. For example, his heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day, and this amount will continue to increase as your baby continues to develop. (Thanks babycenter.com for the information!)

How I’m feeling: Really good physically! Very easily frustrated emotionally and crying at the drop of a hat, but hey… I’ve always been a crier. I’m trying to focus on all that I have to be thankful for and rest in God’s grace.

Stretch Marks? None yet! Thanks to cocoa butter (thanks Melissa!) I hope to avoid them all together. We shall see!

Sleep? I fall asleep with no problem and wake up to pee multiple times but fall right back asleep. I do wake up in the early mornings and have to force myself back to sleep until a reasonable hour to get up.

Highlight this week: Heard little Lucky’s heartbeat at a doctor’s appointment. It sounds like a galloping horse, which according to an old wives’ tale, means that Lucky is a girl. We’ll see though! And Josh helped me with getting an earlier ultrasound appointment when I didn’t speak up. Thanks to him, we’ll hopefully find out two weeks earlier.

Movement: Lucky has been moving around for a few weeks now. But I’m not sure that I’m feeling anything – could just be gas. The doctor said that is normal and within the next month or so, I will know for sure when the baby is moving.

Food Cravings: Pancakes with boysenberry and blueberry syrup, fruits and veggies. Slight aversion to meats, but this is only a random thing.

Gender: We’ll find out in two short weeks! I can’t wait.

Belly Button – In or Out? Totally flat.

What I miss: Advil! I can only take Tylenol and it doesn’t zap a headache in the same way.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out if Lucky is a he or she!

Weekly Wisdom: Don’t be too hard on yourself for being emotional. Your body is growing a human and requires lots of extra hormones to do so. It’s ok to have feelings. (This is what I have to keep reminding myself!)

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  1. I am so thrilled to be part of the plan! Thank you for this fun website and to read about Lucky/Lucki.

    Love you both!!