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How it all started…
They met in December 2008 at a Christmas party where they stayed up with friends until almost 3 a.m. playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero! They realized that they had a shared love for the Arizona Cardinals and were brought together again to watch the Cards play against the Panthers for a shot at the NFC Championship. The Cardinals won. They went together to that fateful NFC Championship game against the Eagles. The Cardinals won. Tory was Josh’s “GLC” or good luck charm.

Their first date was at the driving range followed by dinner at an Irish Pub, the Skeptical Chymist. They watched the nail-biting Super Bowl game together with Josh’s family. Due to unfortunate events (how the game ended) Tory could no longer be Josh’s “GLC”. Luckily, he said Tory could be his “GF” (girlfriend) instead.

The middle…
Tory threw Josh a surprise 30th birthday party in March with his family and friends. In June 2009, they went to Seattle for site seeing, and enjoyed a week full of sunshine. Tory quickly learned that summers in the Smith Family house are spent in the pool, and that birthday dinners demand ribs with homemade sauce and hand cut French fries. They spent The Fourth of July in Pinetop with Tory’s grandparents, nana, parents, aunts and uncle. Jeff, Abbi, Maddi and Izzi, Josh’s sister and family, were there, too! They played golf over the months with Josh’s brother, Chris, Tory’s dad, Kurt , and Tory’s grandmother, Ruth. From Diamondbacks, Cardinals and Suns games to spending time with their families, Josh and Tory managed to fall in love.

Just the beginning of much more to come…
On December 18th Josh proposed at Tory’s work holiday party! He proposed with a toy diamond ring in a black jewelry box. Just as Tory was expecting him to say something about how he would get her the one she really wanted later, he pulled a ring out of his pocket in a plastic ball like the ones from a quarter machine! It was perfect.

They bought their very own house in March 2010 and got married in September 2010.  They are currently enjoying their lives as newlyweds.

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