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Weeks, Months, Trimesters – Oh my!





Figuring out exactly how far along you are isn’t hard if you’re counting weeks. But when trying to convert weeks to months and months to trimesters, it can get a little confusing. The chart above from helps to break it all down. Although, other resources have defined this a little differently, this resource seems to offer the only comprehensive way for me to understand it. So, this is what I’m going with.

At 16 weeks, I would assume that I’m 4 months along. However, not every month has only 4 weeks. So I’m actually at the end of my 3rd month and won’t reach 4 months until week 18.

Apparently, I’m a stickler for the details because this was really important for me to wrap my head around. 🙂 This also helped me understand how 42 weeks = 9 months. At first I thought 36 weeks = 9 months.

Hope this helps someone else understand! Be sure to check out the link for more explanation.

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Welcome to!

I’m determined to come up with a better name for our little blog than that, but it will have to do for now.  Any ideas?  Let me know.  I’m desperate for something better.

I promised you a summer update so we’ll see how best I can recap. Although Summer does not officially begin until June 21, it’s been since April that I have shared the happenings of our life on the recently-retired My Life as a Grown Up, so here goes.  And because pictures are more telling than words sometimes, be prepared for me to blow your mind with almost 50 photos (sorry and you’re welcome).


Found out that Abbi & Jeff are expecting a baby boy!! Woohoo! (no photo, but couldn’t leave it out)

Disney on Ice with Abbi, Maddi, Izzi, Jen, Lexi & Gma

Disney on Ice! Izzi & Lexi

Disney on Ice! Lexi

Disney on Ice! Maddi & Abbi

Katy's Bridal Shower

Girls sleepover at FireSky with Adrienne, Jamie and Mom

David Sedaris with MacKenzie – thanks, friend! 🙂 (no photo)

Bowman & Brooke Softball League (we made it to the playoffs!)

Easter fun with the family (no photo, but couldn’t leave it out)


Watched my three nieces with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law! (no photos – shocker!)

Jen’s birthday (no photo, but couldn’t leave it out) Fun dinner & games on her actual birthday, then breakfast with the family!

San Francisco for work/Katy & Kyle’s stunning wedding

Work sponsored day on a boat in the bay!

Trolley time.

So. Beautiful.

Biking the Bridge: an adventure never to be forgotten.


June 2nd we said good bye to our good friend and baby, Peanut.

We'll miss you.

Good Bye Peanut.

Helped my best friend house hunt and decide on her new home in downtown Phoenix!

Nanci’s Birthday Celebration

Painting nails with color changing polish!

Pool time fun! Jeff, Sophia and Maddi

G-Ma & Izzi

Kimpton National Sales Meeting @ FireSky

Got together with old friends, Sarah & Liz for dinner! (no photos, but still a highlight)


Jeff’s birthday celebration (no photos, but still a great time with family)

4th of July at Jeff & Abbi‘s house where the guys and kids put on our own fireworks show!

4th of July - Gma, Maddi & Izzi

4th of July - my nieceys!

4th of July - Gpa & Jeff (the orchestrators of our backyard show)

4th of July - Abbi & Josh

4th of July - Yes, the children were lighting the fireworks!

4th of July - Happy girls!

4th of July - Izzi needed her lady bug hat. It was only 100 degrees out. 🙂

Happy 4th of July 2011!

Abbi had Valley Fever & Pneumonia and Judah came early!

Judah was born 7/8/2011 at 10:53 a.m. 4 lbs 4 oz.

Grandpa Terry Smith passed away on 7/9/2011

His obituary (I don’t like that word) was phenomenal.  He was an incredible man.  More to come on honoring his life soon.

SD 2011 - Beach time to renew.

SD 2011 - The Smith Family Gang


SD 2011 - BBQ night

SD 2011 - BBQ Night - Dad & Rob

SD 2011 - Master of the BBQ

SD 2011 - Coloring & Rummi Kub on the beach!

SD 2011 - Lexi realizing that she likes the water (step 1)

SD 2011 - Football time (Dad loved having Chris & Josh to play with)

SD 2011 - My SISTER CAME!!!!

Mom & Aye went boogie boarding!

Early morning family walk on the beach. I was bribed with coffee. 🙂

Marta, Ella, Tessa & Lilah came!!!! (looking for Grunyon... did not see any. Never have. Do they really run?)

Josh and I had two guests sleep in our closet!

On the boardwalk!

Doooon't goooooo! (Trust me. We didn't want to!)

 I spent a week in SF helping out two sister Kimpton Hotels.  It was a wonderful opportunity!  I taught them some good stuff and did not take a single photo.

Maddi turned 6 & G-Ma and G-Pa bought a boat!

Meet Ecclesiastes.

Pink ladies.

Smith Men.

Birthday girl & Abbi (who does not look like she had a baby 2 weeks ago & is still fighting Valley Fever)

Oh Captain, My Captain.

Chris, Jen & Lexi

Jeff & Sophia

G-Ma & birthday girl!

Apparently you only have to be 6 to drive a boat! She doesn't look like she's having fun.

The gang on the helm (wow, I sound boaty)

Pirate Josh, Pirate Izzi & Aunt Tory


And that, ladies and gentleman, gets you up to speed on our crazy and blessed summer.  Ups and downs, but through it all Josh and I thank God for our family and friends.  They mean so much to us.

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